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System Design

Designs That Meet Your Security Requirements

Choose Square to design a security system that works for your unique application


Our in-depth consultation allows us to design systems that best meet your requirements.


Cutting edge technology and custom software development to provide you with systems that capitalize on the latest and greatest security solutions.


Our team at Square has implemented thousands of systems across a diverse number of industries. We are often able to recommend security solutions that worked well in the past.


We get creative with our designs. Should the budget be of concern, we are often able to reuse legacy infrastructure or create a phased solution that would be installed over a number of years.

Day And Night, Square Is Designing, Installing And Maintaining Security Systems

Choose Us To Recommend A Design For Your Next Project

We install and maintain the systems we design. Our recommendations are based on relevant real-world experience. We propose products we have tested, installed and maintained on numerous sites across the province.

Solutions we have successfully implemented in the past may solve problems you are having today. Square’s diverse background and years of experience, allows us to propose designs, technologies, and systems that have helped others in the past.

Designs that include detailed documentation. When we design a system it includes the documentation to properly install and maintain the system.