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Card & Fob Access Control Systems

Security and Convenience With A Card Access System From Square Security


Simply Present Your Card And The Door Unlocks

No Need To Search Through A Ring Of Keys


Restrict Access To A Door To Only Specific Groups Of Card Holders

Schedules Allow Access Only During Certain Hours For Specific Groups Of Card Holders


Quality Equipment & Professional Installation

Three (3) Year Equipment And Labour Warranty Included With All Installations

Easy To Use

We Install Card Access Systems That Are Easy To Use

Active Directory Integration Available For Simple Database Management


Know Exactly What Day And Time A User Accessed A Specific Door

Search Event Archives By Dates Or By Users

Instantly Remove Access

Instantly Revoke Access If A Card Or Fob Is Stolen Eliminating Risks To The Building

No Need For Re-Pining Of Locks Whenever A Key Is Misplaced

Access Anytime

IP Based Card Access Systems Allowing You To Access The System From The Office, Home Or Other Side Of The World

View Reports And Live Door Status Through A Browser Or Client Software

Secure Installation

Designed To Stand Up Against Vandalism

Installation Techniques That Conceal All Cables For A Secure And Clean Appearance

Complete Solutions

Including Locksmithing And Electric Strike Installation

We Provide A Complete Card Access Solution For A Turnkey Installation


The Included Back Up Battery Allows Our Systems To Continue To Operate Even When There Is Power Loss

With A Local Database On Each Panel, Our System Continues To Function Even On Network Loss

Smart Designs

Card Access Points At The Right Places To Secure Your Facility

Equipment From The Right Manufacturer For Your Application

Service & Maintenance

We Service and Maintain The Systems We Install

Preventative Maintenance Programs And OnDemand Service Is Available

Options For Your Card Access System


How users will use to verify their identity to the system. It can be:

  1. Something you have – Such as card, fob or mobile phone 
  2. Something you know – Such as a pin code 
  3. Something you are – Such as a fingerprint or your iris

In high-security applications, we recommend combining credentials such as the requirement for a valid card then a valid pin code.

Single Or Multi-Site Systems:

Depending on your requirements we will recommend a system that works best for your application.

Single site systems – come with a simple user-friendly interface and are designed for single-suite offices or condominiums.

Multi-site systems – are designed to manage multiple buildings or offices with the ability to scale to an unlimited number of users and doors. Multi-site systems are also available with features like integration to active directory databases, simplifying the management of large quantities of users.

On-Site Or Cloud:

The database of users, access levels and events can be stored:

  1. On your site in your office
  2. In the cloud

Both options allow access through a web browser in your office or remotely from other locations with an internet connection.


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How A Card Access System Works

The Door:

Devices located at the door pass information to the control panel and respond according to commands from this panel. Field devices in card access systems typically include:

Card Readers – these devices read cards and pass the unique card information to the control panel
Electric Strikes – when a valid credential is presented to a door the control panel sends power to the electric strike to unlock
Door Position Switches – lets the system know when the door is open or left open
Request To Exit Motion Sensors – allows the control system to know someone exited through the door rather than forcing the door open

Between The Door And Control Panels:

Cables are run from the devices on the door to the control panels. These cables transmit information from cards, the door status, and power for electric strikes.

When cables would otherwise be exposed to vandalism or weather, Square installs them in a protective metallic conduit.

Control Panels:

Installed in a secure room control panels are the intelligence of the card access system. Holding the database of cardholders the control panel decides what cards should have access and when.

System Management:

The systems we install are accessible through a web browser allowing you to access and manage the system from a computer in your office or remotely from any internet connected device.

When managing the system you are able to add or delete users, change access schedules and review event history.

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Doors To Secure In An Office

Depending on the nature of your business and size of your office the doors you need to protect will vary.

At Square we usually recommend securing:

  1. Main entry doors – either on a schedule to unlock during business hours or locked 24/7  with an intercom for visitor access. 
  2. Employee entrance doors

In addition, to the main entry points we recommend protecting:

  1. IT server rooms
  2. Storage and file rooms
  3. Individual floors or departments
  4. Card readers in elevators to restrict floor access
  5. Executive or partner offices
  6. Doors between visitor and employee areas

Each business has unique needs, get in touch with Square and we are happy to review your requirements and design a solution that is ideal for your facility.


Doors To Secure In A Condo

Designing a card access system for a condo requires a unique balance between convenience and security. The ability to travel through a building should be as easy as possible however as the building is a home to many the card access system should add a layer of safety and security.

For a typical condo, Squares recommends installing card access on the following doors:

  1. Main entrance (vestibule to building lobby, should also have an entry phone for visitor access)
  2. Exterior to parking garage (On the overhead gate, it will also require a visitor entry phone if there is visitor parking underground)
  3. Visitor parking to resident parking overhead gate (if there is both visitor and resident parking they should be separated by an overhead gate)
  4. Parking garage to parking level elevator lobby (an additional entry phone would be required on floors with visitor parking)
  5. Card reader in the elevator (requiring a valid fob to reach residential floors)
  6. Amenity spaces  including fitness centers, pools, patios and theaters (can be set to schedules, so that residents can only access these areas during times set out by the condo corporation)
  7. Lockers (optional but a convenient way to reduce the number of keys distributed to residents)
  8. Individual Suites (optional but adds convenience and avoids issuing keys to residents altogether)

Every building is unique, as such, we are happy to provide a unique design to protect your condo. Contact Square to book your free consultation to get started.

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