Camera (CCTV) Surveillance

Strategically placed security cameras capture activity in your facility 24/7.

Increase safety and production while reducing liability and potential loss.

Remote access allows you to view real time and recorded footage from smartphone or computer.

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Card & Fob Access Control

Seamless access to your facility with restrictions based on schedules and authority levels.

Track and log all historical entries to your building.

Lock off critical or dangerous areas to only authorized personnel.

Instantaneously delete an individual’s access should a fob be misplaced or not returned.

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Alarm Systems & Monitoring

Detect unauthorized intrusions into your building when your business is closed.

Secure central station monitoring to notify you and authorities of events 24/7 in real time as they happen.

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Visitor Entry Phones

Allow seamless access for visitors into multi-tenant high rises.

Traditional telephone and modern app based systems available.

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Data Cabling

Cat5e and Cat6 cabling for computers, phones and other network devices.

Fiber optic cable to connect IT rooms and distant buildings.

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24/7 on-demand service to keep your critical electronic security systems operational.

Preventative maintenance to proactively repair equipment before it fails.

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