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Camera Surveillance Systems

Clearly Capture Activity 24/7 With A CCTV Camera Surveillance System From Square Security

Maximum Clarity

Camera Resolutions From 1080p Through 4K

See All The Details When Playing Back Recorded Evidence


Quality Equipment & Professional Installation Techniques

Three (3) Year Equipment And Labour Warranty Included With All Installations

Easy To Use

Square Installs Camera Surveillance Systems That Are Easy To Use

Simple Apps For Your Computer Or Smartphone

Smart Designs

Camera Designs That Allow You To Identify Individuals And Observe General Activity

The Right Technology To Make The Most Out Of Your Budget

Access Anytime

Access To Your Camera Surveillance System From The Office, Home Or The Other Side Of The World

View Live & Recorded Footage Through Your Computer, Tablet Or Mobile Phone

Professional Installation

Designed To Stand Up Against Weather & Vandalism

Installation Techniques That Conceal All Cables For Security And A Clean Appearance

Weather Rated Equipment

Designed For Cold And Snowy Canadian Winters

Designed For Hot And Humid Summers In Toronto

Clearly At Night

Surveillance Systems That Allow You See Clearly Even At Night

Capture Activity & Evidence Day Or Night

Options For Your Camera Surveillance Systems

Camera Resolution:

The optimal resolution for your a camera will depend on:

  1. The distance from the person or object to the camera
  2. The need to identify, observe or detect the person, vehicle or object
  3. The camera’s field of view – how narrow or wide of a scene the camera will be set to capture.

Length Of Recording:

Typical commercial camera systems are designed to save video footage for 30 days. Once the hard drives are filled it will begin to re-write over the oldest events. In some specific industries, we recommend extending storage anywhere from 3 months to 3 years for liability or compliance.

For added reassurance, we can provide redundancy through raid storage or cloud backups.

Live Monitoring:

Majority of CCTV surveillance systems deployed in Ontario are not being monitored live. Should an incident occur the video clips are played back then used for evidence.

For applications where real-time live monitoring is beneficial, Square can provide offsite monitoring of your camera system. Based on pre-determined procedures our monitoring team will determine what actions to take when they observe an event. For example in a logistics yard after-hours, our operators can override an exit gate requiring a driver to identify themselves at an intercom prior to exiting. If in the same yard a theft was taking place, our team would immediately notify local police.


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How A CCTV Surveillance System Works


Strategically located throughout your property, cameras are the eyes of the system capturing all the action.

When required we install cameras with :
– Wide dynamic range (WDR) for harsh lighting conditions
– Inferred night vision for full coverage in zero lighting
– High-resolution 4k for detailed coverage of large areas

Cable And Conduit:

Cables transmit video feeds from the cameras back to a central secure room where a recording server is located.

When cables would otherwise be exposed to vandalism or weather we install them in a protective metallic conduit.

Recording Server:

Installed in a secure room the recording server processes all the incoming video feeds and archives them for playback at a later date.

This same server can also be used to stream your video footage to the cloud for secure offsite redundant storage.

Software and Apps:

Computer software and secure log in credentials allow you to see live and recorded video feeds from your office, home or any computer with an internet connection.

Apps for iPhone and Android allow you to quickly view your live and recorded camera feeds while on the go.

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Where Security Cameras Should Be Placed

Booking a free onsite consultation with Square Security is the best way to determine the number and locations of cameras that will best address your needs.

Some typical locations we recommend capturing with security cameras include:

Entry and Exit Points
Capture who is entering and exiting your office

Visitor Reception Area
Capture visitors and any inbound packages

IT Room Either The Door Or Entire Room
Your company’s sensitive and proprietary data may be stored in this room

Large Shared Open Working Areas
Know what is happening in your office

Monitor movement throughout the office

Front Door
See who is coming and going

Capture anyone using the entry phone or waiting to enter by tailgating into the building

All Ground Floor Entry-Exit Points 
Including stair exits. In many cases, outdoor camera can be used to cover building exits and surrounding areas.

See who is traveling through the building

Concierge Desk 
Capture any incidents and deliveries

Elevator Lobby 
Record who is entering the elevators

Elevator Cars 
Capture who exits and onto what floor

Fitness Rooms 
Provide security for individuals and protect expensive equipment

Protect furniture and record any damages

Pool and Spa Areas 
Provide security for individuals and limit liability related to slip and falls

Garage Overhead Entry Doors 
Capture vehicle license plates entering and exiting

Garage Elevator Lobby On Each Parking Level
Capture individuals entering and exiting the building

Garage Aisles And Garage Stairwell Access Doors
Provide overall coverage of traffic and capture individuals entering stairwells

Bulk Garbage and Recycling Rooms 
Document any dumping

Hallways And Stairwells On Residential Floors 
Common in rental buildings

Building Entry And Exit Points
Capture who is entering and leaving the building

Yard Entry and Exit Points 
Capture vehicles when they are entering and exiting.

Shipping and Receiving Overhead Doors
Record what is being loaded and unloaded

Employee Entrances 
See who is entering and existing and at what time

Truck Driver Entrances 
See who is entering the building

Doors Between Office and Warehouse Areas 
Know who is entering each area and what they are taking with them

High-Value Cages
Ensure expensive inventory is monitored at all times

Tool Cribs
Capture when tools are taken

Individual Isles
If safety is a concern or when warehousing high-value items

Overall Views Of Manufacturing Areas
For operational and efficiency purposes

For businesses that have a large staff

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