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Unauthorized Key Fob Duplication Is Reaching A Crisis Point In Toronto: Here’s How To Stay Safe & Secure

Do You Have Control Over Access To Your Condo Building? If you're using regular access fobs, you likely don't, security experts warn. That's because malicious parties may be perfecting the process of duplicating security key fobs - for a price. CBC Toronto has covered the rise of this threat recently, as stores offering cheap fob duplication with little to no verification have popped up on major corners throughout the city. According to the article: "CBC Toronto producers Mike Smee and Nicole Brockbank were both able to get duplicates of fobs they borrowed from legal condo owners without providing any identification or proof they were the actual owners or residents." While this service is not illegal, it is clear that if the ability to duplicate key fobs and other

Access Credentials: Options and Trends

Access Credentials: Options and Trends Access control credentials are the item or input that a person must provide to gain access to a specific area (door, elevator, building, etc.). There are a wide variety of credentials and methods that can be used. This article will briefly summarize the main options while also laying out the potential pros, cons, and best uses for each case. For clarity, we will split these methods into four umbrella groups. 1. Something You Have: These are physical objects that you carry and present to the reader to open the doors. As the most common form of access control credentials, there are many options, including: Fobs and Cards: These are by far the two most common methods of access control. They contain individual chips

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