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Camera Surveillance Systems Are For More Than Security

Camera Surveillance Systems Are For More Than Security Camera surveillance systems were traditionally deployed for security purposes. Today, surveillance systems are used for so much more than just security.  Advancements such as remote viewing through the internet, high-resolution cameras, and long term storage with rapid playback have provided many additional benefits. These include benefits in: ● Legal liability ● Operations ● HR ● Safety ● Marketing and sales In this article, we will take you through a brief description of how a surveillance system can lead to improvements in each of these areas. Legal Liability Unfortunately, we live in a world where some may choose to take advantage of businesses by filing false claims related to damages. Today's security cameras are installed to prevent liability as much as

Card Access Systems Are Not A One Size Fits All Solution

Card Access Systems Are Not A One Size Fits All Solution: Here's What You Need To Know When securing your building doors, it’s essential to make sure you choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of quality and an installer with the proper experience. Failures due to card access equipment are often avoidable by installing the right type of equipment for the application. Here are some things to know regarding which type of card access system you may need, depending on your situation. Card Access Manufacturers and Installers: Card access systems consist of both hardware and software. Commercial security manufacturers produce both parts and then sell them in tandem to integrators or installers.   The integrators or installers then sell a complete set of equipment with installation as

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How Much Does A Card Access System Cost?

How Much Does A Card Access System Cost? The cost of a card access system depends on a variety of important details. We're going to walk you through all that will influence this cost. First, let's look at the best way to think about the price of a card access system. A crucial metric: Cost Per Door.  Cost Per Door: When speaking about the price of a card access system, it is useful to talk about the average cost per door. Each project can vary significantly in size, and thus in the overall price. This Metric helps you to decide whether or not you are being quoted fairly. To calculate the cost per door is quite simple. We take the total price you have been quoted for the

The Complete Guide To Security Camera Resolution

The Complete Guide To Security Camera Resolution You're probably aware that the majority of IP security cameras range in resolutions from 1080p to 4k, with the latter considered higher quality. But do you know what these numbers stand for and what the difference means? Further, are you able to identify which type is necessary for each application? If not, don't worry. Many so-called 'security experts' are not even aware of the objectively proper way of determining the correct resolution needed. In this guide, we will show you how to understand camera resolution, including what 1080p and 4k stand for.  We'll then move on to explain the concept of Pixels-Per-Foot, the correct way to determine what resolution you need for a given application. Understanding this concept will provide you

Maglocks Vs Electric Strikes: A Matter Of Public Safety

Maglocks Vs Electric Strikes: A Matter of Public Safety All modern access control systems rely on doors being locked and unlocked electronically. The two most common devices used to do this are magnetic locks (Maglocks) and electric strikes. Unfortunately, these two methods are often confused or incorrectly believed to be interchangeable. In Toronto, it's not uncommon for companies to mistakenly recommend maglocks based on a lack of information. In reality, maglocks should only be used in rare cases for very specific applications. This is not just based on our opinion; it's also a matter of public safety, and the law!  We've put together this brief guide on the differences between electric strikes and maglocks to help prevent you from unintentionally creating a life-risking safety hazard, and from being

Card Access Control 101

Card Access Control 101 Card Access Systems are the simplest and most effective way to secure entrances to rooms and buildings. In this article we will cover all the basics of card access systems including:  What they are & why they are necessary over more traditional methods of securing doors How a card access system works, including different components and how they interact as a complete system It is important to note that card access encompasses a variety of related technologies including: key cards, proximity cards, swipe cards, badges and even fobs.  At Square, we offer all of these choices based on what best fits your individual needs.  For now though, all of these technologies are similar enough to fall under the larger umbrella term of card access.

Elevator Access Control: Everything You Need To Know

Elevator Access Control: Everything You Need To Know For high-rise buildings, such as condos and office towers, elevators are the primary pathway used to travel throughout the building. This makes them extremely important in preventing unwanted guests from accessing sensitive areas. A well-secured elevator will prevent undesired travel across floors of the building. Connecting a fob access system to your elevators is the most effective and secure way to control the movement of unwanted guests in your building. This allows you to control who has access to which (if any) floors, in a similar way that you would control a door. Despite this, elevator security is often a complicated topic for building owners and managers as it requires involvement from two trades: your elevator service company and a

Surveillance Storage 101: How To Make Sure The Footage You Need Is Always There

Surveillance Storage 101: How To Make Sure The Footage You Need Is Always There As a small to medium business, your camera's live feed is likely not monitored 24/7. In fact, most commercial camera systems are checked only once stored footage needs to be retrieved. The last thing you want or need is to review important footage only to find that it was not recorded properly. Despite this, it is amazing how many commercial security systems are not optimized for proper storage and retention. At least once a week, we get a call from a small-medium business who says they have a relatively new camera system (installed by a different company) that suddenly stopped recording. Often, this is followed by "we can't get a hold of the original

Comparing Security Quotes

What To Consider When Comparing Security Quotes: Comparing security quotes between two different companies can often be misleading and confusing. Make sure you fully understand what is in (and not in) both quotes before comparing. For your convenience, we’ve created seven essential questions to keep in mind when evaluating security quotes. Remember, If you are not sure what's included, always ask the company for clarification in writing. 1. Do The Specifications Tell The Whole Story? Specifications, while important, cannot capture all relevant information. Just because a security camera is 4K resolution does not necessarily mean it is the best camera for the job. There are always other factors at play, many of which are not so easily captured on paper. For example: How well will the

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Unauthorized Key Fob Duplication Is Reaching A Crisis Point In Toronto: Here’s How To Stay Safe & Secure

Do You Have Control Over Access To Your Condo Building? If you're using regular access fobs, you likely don't, security experts warn. That's because malicious parties may be perfecting the process of duplicating security key fobs - for a price. CBC Toronto has covered the rise of this threat recently, as stores offering cheap fob duplication with little to no verification have popped up on major corners throughout the city. According to the article: "CBC Toronto producers Mike Smee and Nicole Brockbank were both able to get duplicates of fobs they borrowed from legal condo owners without providing any identification or proof they were the actual owners or residents." While this service is not illegal, it is clear that if the ability to duplicate key fobs and other

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