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Our integrated security solutions often include the following systems:

Card Access Control Systems

Restrict and log employees based on their key fobs as they travel through your facility.

Lock off critical areas to authorized personnel only.

Instantaneously delete an individual’s access level to remove the risks associated with traditional keys.

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Camera Surveillance Systems

Strategically placed security cameras capture activity on your property to reduce loss and liability.

Remote access allows you to view your facility in real time from any device with an internet connection.

Visitor Entry Systems

Allow visitors to access to your buildings.

For multi-tenant facilities, we provide traditional telephone entry systems.

For offices and corporate campuses, we provide intuitive management systems that create an audit trail of visitors and contractors.

Database Integration

Our fob access software will integrate with your existing human resource database, simplifying the implementation and ongoing management of systems with thousands of users.

Video Analytics

Intelligent camera surveillance systems that use video analytics to notify operators of events unfolding in real time.

Data based video analytics can be implemented to capture information such as demographics, queues, people counts, occupancy or license plates.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor your building and perimeter for unauthorized access.

Intrusion systems can be integrated to your fob access control system allowing authorized fobs to deactivate partitions.

Further integration to your camera surveillance system allows for video-verified events expediting response time.